Eyeliner Styles you should Know

One eye make-up look that could be a dress up or a dress down is the eyeliner. You can go as bold as you want or as classic or natural as you want and you’d still get an awesome eye look. Eyeliner is known to be a little difficult to master. Beginners would have a longer time finishing the look and sometimes even the advanced beauty fanatics is totally going to have days where their eyeliners are just not being up to par at all.

One would look higher or the eyeliner is uneven, so most of the time, you are running out of time, even if you woke up extra early to get your eyeliner looking like the bomb. Some people would get a lash lift and tint to save more time in your daily routine. So, if you are curious about what are the different styles that are the eyeliner then you are in for a treat.

Here are some of the different eyeliner styles that you can try out and see which ones fits you best.

1. Simple Look

You just follow the natural way or shape of your eye and you don’t put into too much flare to it. That is what makes for a simple eyeliner look.

2. Classic Look

The classic look of an eyeliner is that there is a short wing at the end. Basically, you just continue the simple look of the liner and put a wing on the outer corner of your eye. Just draw the wing from the outside then connect it to the existing line then fill the space in.

3. Double Winged Look

So, you are going to start with the classic look. After the classic look you are going to draw another line below the first wing leaving a narrow line in between. You are going to then smudge the line towards the center of your lower lash so, you can have a more rounded look.

4. Basic Look

The basic look is basically same as the simple one, but this would be following the shape of the eyes drawn as thin and as close to the lash line as you possible can. If you can do that look you get the basic eyeliner look.

5. Dramatic Look

You are going to draw a thicker line and a bolder wing. That is basically the dramatic winged liner look. There are more than many people who can pull the dramatic look so you just got to believe that you can pull this look off too, without any problems

6. Smooth Look

When you want an eyeliner that has a smooth look you basically just draw a classic line and then extend that so you would be able to have that smooth look.

7. Fishy Tail Look

This one is for the fantasy look that you may want to pull off. You basically just have the dramatic look then add another line pointing downwards so, you are able to have like a fishtail kind of vibe with your eyeliner.

8. Cat or Feline Look

One of the most common eyeliner look but also a little bit hard to pull off. It is an eyeliner look that always makes anyone look like the bomb.

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